About me

About me


About me

I bring fresh eyes to complex situations and opportunities in organizations and my mind set is always, “If It Were Mine“, what should be done?  From the concept to the market in product development and distribution while maximizing on the various sales channels available is a difficult task and I can be there to assist in the capacity that is needed.

From start-ups, project management, product line development, restructuring, re-engineering, negotiations, contracts, system development, financial forecasting, consolidations, acquisitions, reorganization and to closing doors, I have had a great deal of experience in all these special areas of business.

Crabco is currently consulting and advising in 5 very different projects: a manufacturing plant start up, a new product line addition, and three new business ventures which include briquetting, gasification and a consumer product line.

My younger career was in a very large organization where I was more specialized in operational restructuring and resizing operations both up and down; to right size for the time.

I have specialized in manufacturing and distribution of value added products; from the concept to market.  My experience with many complex situations allows me to better guide my clients.  My contribution is confidential guidance and understanding in integrating the strategies that we mutually develop.  Companies bring complicated and dynamic elements that often need assistance to sort out, re-organize and renew. Opportunity lies just around the corner for most companies, and for many reasons they do not act.  This is what I help do.

I am spontaneous and very candid while at the same time easy to talk to and expressive.  I offer professional and affordable services and would assist you in your decision making and or specified projects.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

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